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If you have comments or wish to add photos etc, please send them to Please send good quality photos with the weight & diameter (if known), plus a short description.


This site allows access to a catalogue of Indian coins containing a listing of all coins of India. Each coin type is shown with all known dates and varieties.


There are various ways of searching the website

1.     Clicking on the drop-down menus at the top of this page will allow access to the various areas of the database. Once a window has been opened, expand the view by clicking on the little + sign on the left-hand side of the screen.

2.     The drop-down menu on the far right (Index etc) has an alphabetical index to the site, as well as other resources such as re-opening the home page, listing the contributors with their abbreviations etc.

3.     The drop-down menu labelled ‘other searches’ allows searching by mint, although the mint of issue of some coins is not certainly known, so this method will not provide access to all coins but may be useful for most Moghul and Native States coins. This menu also allows searching by geographic area and other groupings These groupings will be expanded over time.


Latest changes include: About 100 new PMCs add to Mauryan Empire. Indo-Greeks now usable as a catalogue although more photos to be added (15.01.24)


If the entry titled ‘Photo Link’ has a √ next to it, then there will be at least one, and sometimes many, photos of the coin. The Photo Link number may change from time to time so should not be used as a reference number. The column entitled ‘Provenance’ records the source of photographs shown in the Photo Link file.

The heading ‘Comments’ might sometimes have a √ next to it. This indicates that clicking on the word ‘Comments’ will open another window with more information about the type being viewed.


‘India’ is taken in its widest sense to mean the approximate area covering present day Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and some parts of Burma.


The term ‘Moghul Contemporaries’ is taken to mean all polities contemporary to or emerging after the Moghul Empire.


The information provided here came from many different individuals and sources. These are named in the database and my thanks go to all of these people for their efforts to make available information about the coins of India.