Information about and photos of new coins have been collected from many sources, including the internet, and names of people and organisations who posted these photos are shown below and with the photos themselves. Abbreviations are also shown below.


Abbreviations and List of Sources, acknowledging the latter’s help



Abdul                                       Abdul Shaikh

AbhiCh                                     Abhishek Chatterjee

ACW                                         Anti-Clockwise

Adv Shailesh P Jain                  Adv Shailesh P Jain

Ak                                            Atkins, British Colonial Coins

AKA                                         Also known as

Alfaaz Husain                            Alfaaz Husain

Amit                                         Amit Mehta

Anand Ajay                               Anand Ajay

ANS                                         American Numismatic Society

Anon                                        Anonymous

Asad Khan                                Asad Khan

Ashmolean                                Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University

Assam                                      Catalogue of the Provincial Coin Cabinet Assam (Botham (1930))

Auction World                           Auction World Co Ltd

Bakwas                                     Mr_Bakwas

Bald                                         AH Baldwin & Sons ltd

BaldJ                                        Baldwin of St James, Auctions

Balkrishana Khandelwal             Balkrishana Khandelwal

Bhandare                                  Dr Shailendra Bhandare

BM                                           British Museum collection or British museum catalogue (Lane-Poole (1892))

                                                Also Barbara Mears (when looking at Thirai Cash of Travancore)

Bode                                        Bode Museum

BombA                                     Bombay Auctions

Bons                                        Heinz Bons

BT                                            Barry Tabor

Bushan Bharat Dalvi                  Bushan Bharat Dalvi

Busso                                       Dr Busso Peus Nachfolger Auctions

Cal                                           Calcutta Museum Catalogue (Nelson Wright (1908))

Cannito                                     Ralph Cannito

Cayon                                       Cayón Numismática

CNG                                         Classical Numismatic Group

ClassNG                                   Classical Numismatic Gallery

Craig                                        Craig Fernandez

CRS                                         CR Singhal, Catlogue of the coins in the Prince of Wales Museum Bombay – Sultans of Gujarat, Bombay 1935 (reprinted, New Delhi, 1988)

Curtis                                        Thomas Curtis of AH Baldwin

CW                                           Clockwise

D                                              J. Deyell: Living Without Silver, Delhi, 1990

Daulat Gupta                             Daulat Gupta

Daulat Jori                                Daulat Jori

DeShazo                                   Alan DeShazo

DF                                            David Fore

Dinyar madon                           Dinyar madon

DNW                                        Dix, Noonan, Webb

Doty                                         Doty R, Soho Mint (NEED FULL REF)

DS                                           Dilip Shah Collection

Felzmann                                  Auktionshaus Felzmann

Figue                                        Colin Figue

Fore                                         David Fore

Gaurav Gupta                            Gaurav Gupta

Genevensis                               Numismatica Genevensis SA

GG                                           Goron & Goenka, The Coins of the Indian Sultanates, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2001.

Gorny                                       Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung

Goron                                       Stan Goron

Hajela Satyendra                       Hajela Satyendra

Harun A. Shaikh                        Harun A. Shaikh

HC                                            Hemanth Chopra

Her                                           Heritage Auctions

Himanshu Mittal                         Himanshu Mittal

Iftekhar                                     Iftekhar Alam

IMC IV                                                              Catalogue of Coins in the Indian Museum, Calcutta. Volume IV

INO                                           In the name of

Jain Manish                               Jain Manish

Jaulal Jori                                 Jaulal Jori

JBBRAS                                   Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society

Jevandeep Singh                      Jevandeep Singh

Jigar Jagada                             Jigar Jagada

Joshy Varghese                        Joshy Varghese

JNSMP                                     Journal of the Numismatic Society of Madhya Pradesh

JNSI                                         Journal of the Numismatic Society of India

JPG                                          JP Goenka

K                                              AW Khan, Bahmani Coins in the Andhra Pradesh Government Museum of Hyderabad, 1964

Kalra                                         Mahesh A Kalra

Kaslove                                    Hillel Kaslove

Katz                                          Katz Coins Notes & Supplies Europe s.r.o.

Kawale                                      Suresh Kawale

Kiran Shelar                              Kiran Shelar

KM                                           Krause & Michler

Kohinoor                                   Kohinoor Auctions

Kolner                                       Kolner Muntzkabinett

Kuleshwar Sonkar                      Kuleshwar Sonkar

Kulkarni                                    Prashant Kulkarni

Lah                                           Lahore Museum Catalogue (Whitehead (1934))

Levy                                         David Levy

Lingen                                      Jan Lingen

LMC                                         Lucknow Museum Catalogue (Brown (1920))

Luck                                         Lucknow Museum Catalogue (Brown (1920))

M & M                                      M & M Numismatics Ltd

Mahendra Telang,                      Mahendra Telang,

Mamun Z                                  Z Mamun

Manoranjan Mahapatra               Manoranjan Mahapatra (Points raised on the internet website of the South Asia Coin Group)

Maunish                                    Maunish Shah

Md. Shariful Islam                     Muhammad Shaiful Islam

Mitresh                                     Mitresh Singh

Marudhar                                  Marudhar Arts auctions

Mhatre                                      Rahul Mhatre

Milind Patel                               Milind Patel

Mitchell                                     Peter Mitchell of AH Baldwin

Mohammad Khalid Khan.           Mohammad Khalid Khan.

Mohammad Sultan                    Mohammad Sultan

Mohit Kapoor                            Mohit Kapoor

Morris                                       Jonathan Morris

MSultan                                    Mohammad Sultan

Muhammad Aitmaud

          Uddolah Khan                 Muhammad Aitmaud Uddolah Khan

Murali Thantry                            Murali Thantry

Nasir                                         Noman Nasir

NC                                            Numismatic Chronicle

Nene                                         Ganesh Nene

Newey                                      Victor Newey

ND                                           Numismatic Digest, Nasik

Noman                                      Noman Nasir

NR                                            No Rarity or Nick Rhodes (published in Numismatic Digest, Vol 17, 1997, IIRNS, Nasik) depending on context

Numisma                                  Numisma SA


NW                                           H. Nelson Wright: The Coinage and Metrology of the Sultans of Dehli, 1936 (reprinted, New Dehli, 1974)

Oswal                                       Oswal Auctions Ltd

Palombo                                   Maison Palombo

Parvej Adate                             Parvej Adate

Piyush Khaitan                          Piyush Khaitan

PMC                                         Lahore (Punjab) Museum Catalogue

Pr                                             Pridmore

Prateek Seydev                         Prateek Seydev

Prid                                          Pridmore

R                                              D. Rajgor, Standard Catalogue of Sultanate Coins of India, Bombay, 1991

Ranjan Yadav                            Ranjan Yadav

Rajan Atrawalkar                        Rajan Atrawalkar

Rajeev Baheti                            Rajeev Baheti

Rajesh Junnare                          Rajesh Junnare

Rhodes                                     Nick Rhodes

RH                                            Russel Haque

RJ                                            Robert Johnston

Roma                                       Roma Numismatics Ltd

RY                                            Regnal Year

SA                                            Stephen Album Rare Coins

Sandeep Sharma                       Sandeep Sharma

Sandeep Nijasure                      Sandeep Nijasure

Sandip Jain                               Sandip Jain

Satyendra Hajela                       Satyendra Hajela

Sekhar Kausik                           Sekhar Kausik

Semans                                    Scott Semans

SG                                           Stan Goron

Shailesh Jain                             Adv Shailesh P Jain

Shankar Mishra                         Shankar Mishra

Shamsunddin                            Shamsuddin

Shariq Khan                              Shariq Khan

Sharma                                     Ravi Shankar Sharma

Schulman                                  Schulman b.v.

Simmons                                  Howard & Francis Simmons

SMM                                        ?

SNC                                         Spink Numismatic Circular

Admiral Sohail Khan                  Admiral Sohail Khan

Sov                                          Sovereign Rarities Ltd

Stack                                        Stack, Bowers

St James                                  Baldwins of St James

Spink                                        Spink

Ste                                           Stevens Collection

Surana                                      Amit Surana

Tamil Vanon                              Tamil Vanon

Tandon                                     Pankaj Tandon

Taran Puri                                 Taran Puri

Tauler                                       Tauler & Fau

Thompson                                Peter Thompson

Tody                                         Todywala Auctions, also Farrukh and Malcolm Todywalla

Triskeles                                   Triskeles Auctions

UBJ                                          Uno Barner Jensen, Danish India, Tranquebar Coins, 1620-1845. Published 1996

Universal                                   Universal Numismatics (Zubayr Khan)

Vaikunta Chary R                       Vaikunta Chary R

Vic                                           Victor Newey

Vikas Jain                                 Vikas Jain

Vinitkumar Pujara                      Vinitkumar Pujara

Virasat                                      Virasat Auctions

Vishal Parikh                             Vishal Parikh

W&C                                         Wilkes & Curtis

Weir                                          Randy Weir

Wilford                                     Keith Wilford

Withers                                     Paul Withers

Weir                                          Randy Weir

WOC                                        World of Coins

Z Mamun                                  Z Mamun

Zubair                                       Zubair Khan (Universal Numismatics)