Maler Kotler


Mints: Maler Kotler


Photos posted on SACG by Jeevandeep Singh, May 2006 and identified by Gujral Gurprit [1]


[1] Gujral Gurprit’s comments on the photos:

All four coins (images # 2 to # 5) are of Malerkotla, of the same ruler, namely Nawab Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur. On images 2, 3 and 5 part of the legend Ahmed Ali Khan is visible in the top line above Julus. In the last image, the legend "Bahadur" is clearly legible on the bottom below Julus.
  Coins of the type 4 and 5 were hitherto assumed to be uncertain issues of Malerkotla. However, with more coins surfacing, these can be safely attributed to Ahmed Ali Khan.
  The digits 1811 (unless these are being wrongly read) are really confusing since the period of rule by Ahmed Ali Khan is 1908AD corresponding to AH1326 and VS1965. In both the cases, i.e. according to both the hijri and Vikrami Samwat calenders, 1811 does not seem to make sense.