Dewas Junior Branch 15 gun state

A Maratha named Kaluji had four sons, two of whom founded the senior and junior branches of the house of Dewas, Tukoji the senior branch and Jiwaji the junior.

Jiwaji Rao became a religious recluse and died in about 1775. He was succeeded by his son Sadashiv Rao who died in about 1790, to be succeeded in turn by his son Rukmangad Rao. His reign was one of turmoil with attacks coming from outside the state (Pindaris, Sindhia and Holkar) and from within with local rebellions. An adopted son, Anand Rao succeeded in 1817 and in 1818 the treaty with the British established a more stable order. In 1837 Anand Rao adopted his nephew to succeed him, which he duly did in 1840 in the name of Haibat Rao. Haibat Rao died of cholera in 1864 and was succeeded by his infant son Narayan Rao, who ruled until 1892. He was followed by his adopted heir Malher Rao [1].


Jiwaji Rao (1728-75)

Sadashiv Rao (1775-90)

Rukmangad Rao (1790-1817)

Anand Rao (adopted) (1817-40)

Haibat Rao (adopted) (1840-64)

Narayan Rao (1864-92)

Malhar Rao (adopted) (1892-

[1] Luard C.E., Western States (Malwa) Gazetteer, Vol. 5, Part A, Bombay 1908, p 11-13