As’adnagar Mint

Coins were issued from the As’adnagar mint by:



Farrukh Siyar




Muḥammad Shāh





Very few coins of Farrukh Siyar and Muḥammad Shāh are known from this mint. Akluj was probably named As'adnagar after Zulfiqar Khan's father As'ad Khan who had been first the vizier of Aurangzeb and later that of Shāh ‘Ālam Bahādur. Subsequently he purposely retired from the post of Viziership in order to accommodate his son in his place. During his retirement he acted boldly and handed over Jahāndār Shāh into the custody of Farrukh Siyar who naturally felt greatly gratified by his cooperative gesture. Zulfiqar Khān was at good terms with the Marathas particularly with Shahuji Maharaj. There is a possibility that As'adnagar was named by Shāh ‘Ālam Bahādur in appreciation of As'ad Khan's help in occupying the throne. Akluj (As'adnagar) has a fort and it is a historical place. Several events of great importance have taken place there. Aurangzeb was camping at Akluj when Muqarrab Khan at Sangameshwar captured Sambhaji who was later put to death in AD 1689. (taken from Todywalla).