Aurangnagar (Mulher, Baglana) Mint

Coins were issued from the Aurangnagar mint by:



Shāh Jahān




Rafi al-Darjāt


Muḥammad Shāh


Ālamgīr II (should  be moved to Ḥyderābād)



Moghul Contemporaries



Marathas Need checking and correcting



See Maheshwari & Wiggins


Aurangnagar is, with some certainty, identified with Mulher, the capital of the state of Baglana. The royal house of Baglana was a Rathor family, claiming descent from the royal house of ancient Qanuj. The Raja, Bairam Shāh, after withstanding a protracted siege at Mulher, surrendered in 1638 to the Mughals. After his death, his son embraced Islām and became a loyal servant to the emperor Aurangzeb. For some intervals Mulher had been in the hands of Shivaji, but remained most of the time under the Mughals. In 1724 when Niẕam al-Mulk declared the Deccan independent from Delhi. Baglana was then under a governor and Mulher under a commandant both appointed by the Niẕam. In 1760 the Peshwas invaded the country and the Niẕam negotiated a settlement by which the district of Baglana was ceded to the Marathas.